Stages to follow to “Return to Artistic Swimming” general update

Stages to follow to “Return to Artistic Swimming” general update

This post is to provide a general update at this point in time.

Coaches continue to offer online remote land skills training for our competitive stream athletes, and we completed a 6-week program for some of our recreational athletes. In-person coaching or training will not be permitted until all of the stages and steps below have been approved by all the appropriate organizations and departments.


We have been included in a meeting with Richmond Pools and have been informed as to the many safety protocols planned for both the Steveston outdoor swimming pool and Watermania. We have not received any updates from the City of Vancouver for Lord Byng and Hillcrest pools.

我们已经和Richmond的游泳池联系并试图开展符合安全条件下的Steveston户外游泳池和Watermania的训练。目前为止还没收到任何关于温哥华的Lord Byng 和Hillcrest 游泳池的任何更新信息。

The following stages explain what needs to happen in order to resume in-person Artistic Swimming activities (land or water):


1) CAS to Provide BCAS with Return to Sport guidance document -June 5 加拿大花样游泳协会提供给BC花样游泳协会的指导文件 ( 6月5日已完成)

Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) shared with the Provincial Associations their RETURN TO ARTISTIC SWIMMING RESOURCE 文件参考见下面链接Document

BCAS to provide Clubs with an approved Return to Sport plan – date unknown BC 花样游泳协会提供给各俱乐部的重开计划(未定)

2)The next step will be for our Provincial Association (BCAS) to provide to clubs a Return to Sport Plan that has been approved by Dr. Bonnie’s Henry’s team and viaSport. Once the BCAS plan is approved we will be able to see it on the viaSport website, along with the 27 sports uploaded as of today.
下一阶段是BCAS 提供给各俱乐部的需要得到省卫生官Bonnie Henry批准的重开计划。一旦BCAS的计划被批准,我们就能够在via sport 上查询到。一起审批的有27项运动项目。

“SPORT SPECIFIC GUIDELINES Each sport will create their own sport-specific plan, using the resources like viaSport’s Return to Sport Guidelines and other resources as reference. While not approved by viaSport, as sports complete their return to sport plans, they will be available to access from sport organizations through this page.”

3) BCAS / club insurance must approve that in-person activity can resume, within the parameters of BCAS Return to Sport Plan 得到BC花游协会/俱乐部 批准后才能开始面对面的训练

4) Municipalities to provide users (clubs) with their guidelines – Richmond did in May 市政的批准(Richmond5月份已批准)

5) PWS to incorporate all of this information and prepare our own plan that will be reviewed and prepared by our Board of Directors 本俱乐部Board成员准备审核并且准备重开计划。

6) PWS to provide BCAS with our specific Return to Sport plan that incorporates guidelines from our municipalities – date unknown
本俱乐部向BC花游协会提交重开计划,此计划需要符合市政的各项指导原则 (未知阶段)

7) Approval of PWS plan by BCAS and permission to resume in-person activities within the parameters of Return to Sport Plans 得到BC花游协会的允许后重开面对面训练。

8) PWS to advise Municipalities we have an approved plan

9) PWS to schedule pool time and determine a training plan based on what will be available to us

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing swimmers back in the pool when its safe to do so!