Board of Directors

Pacific Wave's Board of Directors


Our Volunteer Board of Directors includes no fewer than six Directors, comprised of the follow roles:

  • President (Chair)
  • Vice-President
  • Registrar
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member at Large: Receivables in Finance
  • Member at Large: Payables in Finance

Directors act as authorized by the Societies Act, the Constitution and our Bylaws to manage or supervise the management of the affairs of the Society and exercising the powers of the Society. Each Director may be elected for a two-year term, provided there a successor is elected at the close of the second AGM following election. The term may be extended should no successor be elected or appointed.


Our 2022-23 Executive Team and Support Roles

Steven Kravariotis

Steven, dad to a former NS Senior swimmer, is the President (past Vice-President)

Robin Diehl

Robin, mom of NS Junior swimmer, is the Treasurer (second time on the Board)

Tracy Lu

Tracy, mom of NS 13-15 swimmer, is a Member-at-Large in our Finance Committee for Receivables (joining for 2nd two-year term)

Eva Wu

Eva, mom of an NS 13-15 swimmer, is our Vice-President (first term on Board)

Mei Yin Tian

Mei, mom of a  HPD swimmer, is our Registrar (first term on Board)

Judy Du

Judy, mom of NS Junior, is a Member-at-Large in our Finance Committee for Payables (joining for 2nd two year term)


Thea Berretta

Thea, mom of a NS Junior, is our Secretary (first term on Board)