PWS Covid 19

To view the most recent updates in the July 1 2021 V5 safety plan, follow here: PWS Covid19 Safety Plan and waivers July2021

To view the June 2021 V4 of our safety plans including facility information follow this link: PWS Covid19 Safety Plans June 2021

To view our old Outdoor In-Person only safety plans (July 28/20 V1) follow this link: PWS Covid-19 Risk Management and Safety Plans July 28



(A) Guiding Principles

(B) Covid-19 Risk Management Team and Communications

(C)Training environments and stages table

(D) General Safety Practices

(E) Training Groups and Cohorts

(F) Protocols for safe in-person training

(G) Expectations of Coaches

(H) Education for Covid-19 new policies and procedures


APPENDICES (these three documents are to be reviewed and signed by participants up until July 5, 2021) 

to download these pages follow this link PWS Covid-19 Risk Management and Safety Plans V2 WAIVERS

(I) Covid-19 Illness and Health Monitoring Policy and Procedures

(J) BCAS and PWS Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement

(K) BCAS and PWS Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment