Pacific Wave Artistic Swim Club

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Recreational Including Limited Competitive

9 & under, 10 & Over

Do your kids love the water and want to try something other than swim lessons? Give Artistic Swimming, formerly known as Synchronized Swimming a go!

Swimmers will find fun ways to develop skills on land and water while participating in a safe and welcoming environment. Content incorporates a variety of basic physical and athletic skills in and out of the water. Children may use the new acquired skills to advance further in the sport of artistic swimming or may transfer them to other aquatic and land – based activities.

Provincial Stream Programs

10u, 11-12, 13-15, 16-18 and Junior

PS Beginner / PS Novice; PS Advanced; High Performance Development

Provincial stream programs are designed for individuals who want to compete in the sport of artistic swimming. Depending on the individuals age they will train 2-3 x per week in Richmond and compete in the lower mainland. The season is from September - June

National Stream Programs

11-12, 13-15 and Junior FINA

National stream programs are designed for athletes who want to excel in the sport of artistic swimming. Individuals in this category will train 5x per week and will compete across Canada. Athletes will strive towards Provincial and National teams.

What Artistic Swimming Can Do For You

Develop athletes who take pride in being ambassadors not only in sport but also in life

Create lifelong friendships by strong collaborative teamwork, problem solving and fun

Learn time management skills and creating a healthy balance between school, family and training

Professionalism, self esteem, confidence and the motivation and desire to excel

Our Goals

We strive to help athletes learn and advance in the sport of artistic swimming. We encourage and promote team spirit while providing leadership opportunities. We work hard to develop self-confidence and positive self-esteem. Our club promotes and improves the physical fitness of athletes and provides opportunities for athletes to achieve team and individual goals while engaging in healthy competition. We provide opportunities to develop new and lasting friendships in an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.