Mission values and goals

Mission Values & Goals

Mission and Values

PWAS strives to be inclusive with diverse populations, carefully developing programs for artistic swimming athletes of varied levels of ability and supporting them to reach goals in a united, safe, secure and supportive club environment promoting sportsmanship, teamwork and camaraderie in a community.   

PWAS s’efforce d’être inclusif avec diverses populations, en élaborant avec soin des programmes pour les athlètes de natation artistique de niveaux variés et en les aidant à atteindre leurs objectifs dans un environnement de club uni, sûr, sécurisé et solidaire favorisant l’esprit sportif, le travail d’équipe et la camaraderie dans une communauté. 



The goals of PWAS are to: 

  • provide athletes a chance to engage in a fun, safe and healthy activity.
  • help athletes learn, make progress, and excel in the sport of artistic swimming. 
  • encourage and develop team spirit. 
  • provide opportunities for leadership, developing communication and co-ordination skills.
  • develop self-confidence and positive self-esteem. 
  • promote and improve the physical fitness and mental health of athletes. 
  • create opportunities for athletes to achieve team and individual goals.  
  • provide opportunity to develop new and lasting friendship. 
  • create an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance while engaging in healthy competition. 
  • promote an appreciation of the sport of artistic swimming.