COVID-19 Resources – Update September 14, 2021 from BCAS

COVID-19 Resources – Update September 14, 2021 from BCAS

On September 11, 2021, the BC government released a new Public Health Order in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases in BC. In addition, the BC Proof of Vaccination program went into effect on September 13, 2021.

BC Artistic Swimming continues to work with our provincial partners to understand the impact of these orders and how it will affect the BCAS Artistic Swimming Restart Plan. Once viaSport releases its updated Return to Sport Restart 2.0, BCAS will release an updated version of our Restart Plan.

Here is a summary of what we know as of September 13, 2021:


Indoor Youth Sports:
Indoor sport programs involving participants/athletes under the age of 22 are exempt from the Proof of Vaccination Program. This includes any adults directly supporting youth sport program delivery such as coaches, trainers, officials, and volunteers.
It is not clear whether coaches who are paid contractors or employees meet the threshold of the exemption. Our partners are working with WorkSafe BC to confirm how the Order defines coaches who receive remuneration.
There are no participation capacity limits for youth sport programs.
It is not clear how spectators are defined in the Order and whether they fall within the youth sport exemption or facility capacity limits.

Club operations must continue to align with facility protocols, standards and limits which may differ by community as municipalities determine how the new Order applies to their operations.

All participants must follow public health restrictions and facility protocols at all times. At this time, masks MUST be worn in all indoor public spaces and as designated by the facility.

PRIVACY: Clubs who are required to verify proof of vaccinations may not record or retain any personal information of the athletes, however, with the express consent of the individual, clubs may store a record that the proof of vaccination was verified.